Butter Lane, cold calling

How NOT to Sell to Me at Butter Lane

  • Cold call the store, or better yet, walk in the door without an appt. (Would you really do this to someone in an office?)

  • Ask me to do a bunch of work to set up your platform. You need a bunch of hi-res pictures maybe, or ‘a short intro’ from me. Yep, I’ll have my design team and in-house writer jump right on that. (Email deleted.)

  • Misrepresent your sales pitch as a ‘media opportunity’ for my biz. Yay! You’re gonna feature us in your ‘Best Of’ roundup; thanks! (Wait…all I have to do is give you $250 for a plaque..what?)

  • Show up to our appt or call knowing nothing about me or my biz. (Google us!)

What to do: be a partner, not a pitcher.

– Send me a data-rich, personalized email. Put my name in the subject along with a summary of how your product will help my bakery. (Hi Pam! We have a great new NYC delivery app that can help with your cupcake deliveries.) In the body give me a quick summary – with success stories – and ask to schedule a 10-minute phone call.

– In our call, tell me simply about nuts-and-bolts ROI. Give me concrete examples and success stories.

– Show respect for my time. (‘I know we only have 10 minutes so I’ll get right to the description’)

– Don’t skirt the cost. Nothing is more frustrating than spending 30 minutes with someone only to find out they’re way out of our price range.

– Buy something small from my business. You are not bribing me; it is a nice sign of respect.

Remember – I need your help! I need real, revenue-boosting products and cost-cutting concepts.  Do your homework, and bring it on. Just remember to be a partner, not a pitcher.