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Freshly baked and frosted with natural ingredients every day.

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Join us for one of our signature classes and discover some hidden baking talent, make some new friends and EAT SOME CUPCAKES!

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Squads that bake together stay together! Plan your next gathering around one of our hands on baking classes for a party no one will forget.

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Stop By! We are located in the heart of Manhattan’s East Village.

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How We Make Them


We pride ourselves on using all natural ingredients and avoiding excessive amounts of sugar. All of our products are made and baked fresh everyday. Try our signature base flavors or ask about our seasonal flavors.


Try our signature; vanilla, chocolate or banana cupcakes or if you are feeling adventurous, ask about our delicious seasonal based cupcakes.

Your cupcakes

Create your own cupcake! Butterlane gives you the option to order cupcakes baked to your specifications. Select our Specialty Cupcakes and tell us what you want. We love the challenge!

"When you taste the cupcakes, like banana with cream cheese frosting or the chocolate with coconut frosting, you’ll understand why Butter Lane is a superior cupcake store."

Huffington PostAllison Spiegel


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