Deposit for Private party




Email to check availability.

Total cost for Private Party:$500
We need $100 deposit to confirm the party and you will pay the rest amount after the party.
The deposit fee is non-refundable and we need at least two weeks notice for the rescheduling.  

Duration: 2 hours (Two sections: cupcake section & icing section, 15 mins break between two sections) 
Space Limit: 12
You’ll Learn to:
    Make 3 cupcake recipes (three cakes/three icings)
    Work a mixer like a rock star
    Bake in an industrial, convection oven (you’ll want one for your kitchen)
    Make the Perfect Icing—the combo of butter and sugar that’s just right for you
    Use the same high-quality ingredients we do
    Ice the prettiest cupcake (not as easy as it looks)
    Taste the Difference
    Take home at least six cupcakes AND Butter Lane’s Recipes